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Waterloo Region's DNA is a combination of problem solving, collaboration and hard work. We call that “creativity” - the ability to think through a problem in a different way to come up with a better outcome.

Waterloo Region has a special kind of “problem solving creativity”. We have 15 patents granted per 10,000 residents… 11 times the national average! Who knew?

In shared work spaces and technically advanced factories all across the region, our talents and diversity are giving birth to new ideas, products and forms of artistic expression.

We need to celebrate our achievements because what we celebrate we attract and what we don’t celebrate we lose.

Tick tock – its time to start the celebration!

Creativity in the Region of Waterloo

What is it?

Creative Capital of Canada (CCoC) is a public discussion designed to help everyone in Waterloo Region develop the bold confidence to believe in, and celebrate, who we really are – a community of creative makers, collaborators and innovators.

We aren’t saying we’re the artistic capital of Canada, but our creative spirit has allowed us to become brilliant problem solvers who have given the world everything from the greatest hockey skates in the world to the smartphone and numerous Nobel Prize winners.

Waterloo region's creative spirit

What do we need to do to become the Creative Capital of Canada?

We have to celebrate it. As we continue to excel, we don’t need to change who we are. But, we do need to strongly embrace our creativity. We are a collaborative, inventive, diverse and resilient community that has given birth to numerous new solutions the world has come to love. We are Waterloo Region.

Embrace our creativity

Who is the Creative Capital of Canada?

It’s all of us; from the families who built this region, to the industrial workforce, the arts community, our tech sector and everything in between.

The movement started out as a collection of ideas, concerns and conversations and is now taking shape in social media.

A creative capital, with an industrial workforce, tech sector and everything in between

What is Creativity?

Simply put, creativity involves:

  • Problem Solving & carry the ability to think through a problem from a new angle
  • Collaboration with others
  • Resilience to continually adapt our thinking until we find a better way

Do you work through problems by taking gradual steps forward? Have you experienced, and overcome, multiple setbacks as you searched for a better way to improve a daily task? Have you learned a craft so you could build something on your own – in your own way?

Congratulations. You’re creative!