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Creative Capital of Canada

Celebrating a Movement

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Welcome to the Creative Capital of Canada

We’re a group of people, companies and organizations that want to publicly celebrate what led to Waterloo Region’s success...problem solving creativity.

The movement started with a thought and conversation and led to a growing commitment from early supporters. Others joined and the movement continues to grow and cheer on Waterloo Region’s creativity.

Why Join?

Because a community attracts what it celebrates and slowly loses what it doesn’t. And, we need to attract and retain smart minds in order to compete globally. It’s that simple. Problem solving put this region on the map. We think it’s time to claim that spot on the map as the Creative Capital of Canada.

We’re not a task-force. We’re a celebration. Join us.

Exercises to inspire and ignite creativity in Waterloo Region.

We’ve got the perfect exercises for you to flex your imagination muscle in just 30 minutes. Try them and share on social media using the hashtag #create30.

Draw a piece of furniture that is missing in this world.
Find it. Pick a random object, and record the number of times and places you see it throughout the day.
A world of colour. Pick a row of paint chips and try to find those colours in nature. Document them.
Take photographs of just shadows. We are used to looking at the world in a certain way, but what if it wasn't clear what we were looking at? Make note of the way in which a shadow can distort the object to which it is attached.

Creativity in your Backyard

Are you familiar with the creative debuts that all started in our own backyard, making Waterloo Region the Creative Capital of Canada? Prepare to be inspired to get creative!